Hair and beauty through the ages

In medieval times, women would be shown to have long flowing hair. Following this period of history, women’s hairstyle was known as a ‘coiffure’ which at that time was adorned with decorations to match their ball gowns. Men had gone from plastering their own hair with clay to also wearing wigs to compete with the beautiful appearance of ladies at that time.

Not too long ago, in the sixties and seventies both men and women started to have their hair cut either in a bob or with long sideburns.

The eighties meant changes again, mostly with the men. Punk and rats tails were the latest hairstyles.
Once professional hair and beauty products became more accessible to everyone both men and women realised they could use the latest up to date care accessories within the home.
Here is some factual information about your hair:
• Both normal and healthy hair is dependent on hair fibre. Hair fibre is the parts of a person’s body that is renewable without scarring and yet is able transmit sensory information regarding the difference in a person’s gender
• It is important that you use natural quality products which will not damage the hair shaft. Damage to the hair shaft can result in thinning or loss of hair
At Just Beautifully, we offer a range of professional hair and beauty products and care accessories for both men and women. Our products include other essential care accessories such as shampoos, conditioners, leg wax, tanning lotions at cost effective prices. Hair is your crowning glory so it makes sense not to skimp on making it look the best it can be. Nice hair can contribute a lot to your confidence and therefore it would be silly to let the world see you as you do not wish to be seen.

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