Hair care for the ‘ubersexual’ man

Men have always dubbed women the ‘vain race’. We complain about the time they spend in front of the mirror; we grumble at how they keep us waiting with their make up experiments- when all we are going out is for probably a walk in the park.

We have always been the ‘cool macho race’ who do not think it is a necessity to spend hours preening and prancing in front of the mirror, just to look good. Well, though that is what we say, and what we like to believe, the fact is – today’s evolved man spends more time to keep himself looking good. Men are now gradually evolving from the absolute macho genre to a more complex race of ‘ubersexuals’- where he is concerned about how he looks and takes the extra time and effort to catch the eye of the ‘vain sex’- while still retaining the old macho image.

The new evolved man can’t be caught with chipped toe nails or unkempt hair, though you might still see him sporting some ‘carefully careless’ stubble on the chin for the weekend. He is now conscious about his mane and is bothered by the smallest signs of losing hair. Hair loss is in fact one of the major problems for which men are now increasingly seen seeking professional help.

Instead of the home concoctions and hair oils, there are now prescription medications which are popular treatments for hair loss in men. Thankfully, for the complex man of today, there are sources like Menscare that cater to his every need for looking good and feeling good.

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