Happy birth announcements

If you are wondering what is the best way to let everyone know about the birth of your new baby, consider personalised birth announcements. These are baby cards that you can individualise to include what you want to say on them and a photograph of your beautiful brand new baby.

Letting all your friends and family know of the safe arrival of the new son or daughter is an exciting part of becoming a new mum and dad. Being able to send everyone baby cards with a photo of the new little one and your own message – perhaps you could include the birth weight and what colour hair they have – makes it so much more personal and interesting than just a phone call or message passed on by another family member.

Everyone is always waiting in anticipation for baby announcements because it is so important to everyone in your family and amongst your friends to know that it has all gone well and that you and your new baby are safe and healthy.

This makes it even more special for them when they receive the good news in baby cards from Little One Prints. Everyone will remember with pleasure the moment they opened their baby announcement card and were able to see what the new family member looks like. There is no doubt that seeing a photo of the new baby is even more exciting than just hearing that there is a new baby boy or girl in the family.

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