Having to sell a house quickly in a depressed market is not always bad

With the Government figures on repossessions being challenged by the Conservative Party this week in a ‘Daily Express’ article where it claimed that twice as many families had lost their homes than official figures suggest, being able to sell a house quickly in Scotland or other parts of the UK for people caught in this financial trap is imperative. The article also went on to suggest that reasons for these inaccuracies was due in part to sell and rent back schemes where owners with mortgage arrears were able to sell their homes quickly and remain in the house as a tenant.

This scheme however can suit some people very well, and there are all sorts of benefits. One of the most difficult parts to leaving a house involuntarily, is moving away from the familiar at a time when life is not settled and facing the prospect of finding alternative accommodation when good social housing these days is at a premium.

However, companies that sell and rent back in Scotland and across the UK are able to buy the house at a reasonable price, pay off mortgage arrears, help with bank letters and assist with debt agency correspondence to provide as easy transition as possible from the often heavy responsibility of ownership to that of tenant. Being a tenant can be a weight off your shoulders.

At Homes Solutions Scotland we understand that most of our clients are going through difficult periods in their lives and need help rather than court actions, expensive letters from banks and visits from the bailiff. A quick house sale in Scotland can alleviate all these unpleasant side effects and with as little disruption as possible. In fact, distant friends and employers need never know your new financial arrangements. The difficulties, traumas and worries of repossession then become a distant memory.

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