Health is not an embarrassing issue

Most of us would not think twice about going to our doctors about most illnesses. If we feel under the weather or are worried about a lump or a bump, it is largely not too much of an ordeal to get to the local doctor to discuss it. However, when it comes to our sexual health, there can be a tendency to bury our heads in the sand and brush any worries under the carpet. People can be too embarrassed to discuss this with their partner let alone their local doctor.

Your sexual health however is extremely important and tests such as an HIV test or a chlamydia test should not be avoided if you have concerns about your health and are showing symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease. It can pay to be vigilant about your health and given that some sexually transmitted diseases are symptomless, for this reason, it is recommended that every sexually active adult has regular health checkups such as a STD test regardless of any immediate concerns.

You cannot tell just by looking at someone if they have an infection and they are passed on from partner to partner. However, with the appropriate test and diagnoses, most infections can be cleared up with antibiotics.

Whilst you might not feel you can approach your local doctor with your concerns, remember at an std clinic, they are used to dealing with these questions every day and it is nothing to be worried about. If you feel that you are worried about your sexual health and want to make an appointment at a private clinic, here at Same Day Doctor , we take patients on an ad hoc basis and aim to see any patients on the day that they have phoned, if not, then within 24 hours.

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