Health, safety and comfort from a home care bed

Giving out advice to a person who lives on their own can be a problematic task. However, nursing staff who call on their patients are able to inform patients and family members of the risks involved with home care.

A list of health and safety in a home is essential for a patient’s continuous home care.

Bed-ridden patients in particular need everything to be on hand for any unexpected occurrence.

Pin a set of important information on the side of a bedside cabinet with relevant and important information such as:

• A list of emergency telephones numbers for gas, electric and water suppliers

• Telephone numbers of your nearby neighbour who drops in to check on you once a day

Ask you family about a community emergency alarm. A patient who has an alarm will be able to send for help and it will give peace of mind to families that do not live nearby.

At Sidhil, we have stormed ahead with the use of the latest technology at our fingertips to design new and elegant home care beds with hospital equipment that can be used in home care.

Our beds are made to a standard which is beyond the expectations the nursing and medical staff usually possess to allow home care to many patients who would be permanently in a hospital.

Beds and hospital equipment we make can help to avoid accidents in the home. If a patient has to rely on their own devices while their relatives are at work our home care beds are designed to tilt forward to allow easy access to the kitchen or bathroom.

To stop the worry that there may be an accident with the bed moving while a person attempts to get out of their bed, our home care beds are fitted with wheels that can be locked to stop movement.

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