Help make reading stick

Probably the most important thing we learn at school is how to read. Once you master the skill of reading you can actually learn pretty much anything, because there are books on every subject. Unfortunately, for many learning to read can be one of the most difficult things we will ever have to accomplish. One of the reasons it is so hard, especially for some children, is that it is also the first skill that they learn in a conscious manner.

Walking, talking and general motor skills are assimilated almost unconsciously, whereas reading involves being aware of what they are doing and it is this awareness, especially when reading out loud to a teacher, for example, that can promote feelings of overwhelming self-consciousness and self-doubt and can result in learning to read becoming a traumatic experience for a little child. One way of getting round this is by heaps of positive reinforcement, praise, smiles and encouragement to promote self-esteem can be invaluable. Here at Brainwaves we have several different packages of stickers specifically aimed at promoting reading confidence.

Brightly coloured stickers are a great way to reward effort or attainment, not only do they tell the child they are doing well but they are seen by peers and by family. Positive comments by other people are very much taken to heart by small children, just as negative ones are, and by awarding stickers not only are you as a teacher being positive but you help others, such as family members, to become involved in the process of encouraging the child.

By increasing self-esteem and supporting the child’s positive self-perception you can make learning this essential skill so much easier for the children in your classroom that struggle with learning to read.Remember that recognizing the effort is as essential as recognizing the achievement because reading is learned in baby steps.

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