Horse shows and equestrian clothing

With the Horse of the Year Show just over in London, and Christmas coming up, now is the time that all pony mad children will be nagging their parents for equestrian clothing. No doubt they will have a long list of everything a rider needs, from the riding hat, via jackets and gloves to riding boots. Not to mention the accessories needed, such as the bags to carry it all in.

The appearance of the top show jumpers always inspires the next generation and who knows just which of the enthusiastic boys and girls the next top riders will be. Certainly, their enthusiasm for the sport will include all the equestrian clothing that they see worn by their idols.

Discovering somewhere like Scotts of Langholm makes life so much easier for the parents of these budding riding stars as they can find all the equestrian clothing and other riding gear that go to make up the perfect Christmas present.

For the young and enthusiastic rider, it is so important to know that they have all the correct equestrian clothing and accessories for their riding lessons and events. Equestrianism is more than a hobby for many of them, it is a way of life and all the trappings of riding and horses are significant to them. With more show jumping and horse shows coming up, the potential next generation of show jumpers are not going to lose their eagerness to emulate their heroes by wearing the same equestrian clothing.

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