How can companies do their bit for the environment?

Nowadays society is becoming much more environmentally aware. In the home in particular people are now becoming more used to recycling with various different bins for glass, plastic and paper – and we are all aware of the need for energy saving with energy saving light bulbs, insulation and water saving. However, although it is important for every individual to do their bit, it is within government and business that differences can really be made.

So what can companies do to help the effort to reduce the impact on our environment? Before they even get to work, efforts can begin – with schemes organised such as car sharing, which help reduce traffic on the roads and carbon emissions. Once in the office, by turning appliances and computers off when they are not in use – rather than leaving them on standby – this can help save energy significantly. Simple things like turning the light off in the stock cupboard if nobody is in there – and when lights are on, ensure that these are energy saving light bulbs. A big thing in offices however is the amount of paper that is used – ensuring that documents are only printed when necessary and that any files that are no longer needed are recycled will help minimise wastage.

These efforts need to be extended to the way that companies conduct themselves with their customers – one of the key ways that this can be done is by minimising the amount of correspondence sent by post. Particularly at Christmas, companies may exchange season’s greetings with a number of other parties by sending business Christmas cards. Corporate Christmas e cards are a great way to communicate with your customers whilst helping to save the environment – companies such as, supply corporate e cards that will market your company to customers whilst reducing your company’s all important carbon footprint.

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