How do I know What CCTV Camera I need?

A CCTV company like CCTV 4 U will specifically tailor the CCTV systems to your own needs, as each individual is different. Making the decision to have security cameras installed is thankfully a much easier decision than it used to be because the vast development of them has meant they are quicker, easier and cheaper to install and maintain.

However, before deciding on what CCTV cameras you want you need to be sure on a couple of things:

– What is the precise purpose for your choice to have the CCTV cameras installed? You need to have some ideas as to what you wish the security cameras to be tailored for. This allows the installers to set up the cameras in such a way that they will provide the best surveillance. For example, car park monitoring can often be provided for in better resolution in black and white. Whereas, the monitoring of homes and places at risk of theft and other related crimes will perhaps benefit from colour resolution as the criminal will be better detected and identifiable.
– Will you have dummy cameras installed? The choice to have a dummy camera installed is obviously entirely up to you. However, there are certain things that need clarifying before you do so. For home use, there isn’t really an issue with their usage, but if you are using the cameras for a workplace, your employees should perhaps be aware that the camera is a dummy as they may feel comforted to know there is CCTV in operation and this false sense of security has been known to lead to injury.

These are just some of the things to be considering if you are thinking of opting for CCTV security. However, a consultation with a CCTV expert will allow you to gain a qualified opinion on what installation kits will be the best. CCTV 4 U offers an extensive knowledge of all areas of CCTV installation. Thus they will be able to advise you on the best system for your requirements.

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