How the bean bag chair brings informality and comfort into modern living

When some elderly people think of bean bags, they may think of the 1960s, static-ridden artificial fibres and lurid colours. They may have a view that the word bean bag ‘chair’ was being used very loosely when a sitter usually ended up on the floor rather than seated comfortably.

While ageism is wrong, these old and obsolete attitudes have influenced the image of bean bags in the past. The contemporary bean bag chair is none of the stereotypical things and presents something very chic, adaptable, inexpensive, comfortable and easy to sit in. In other words, the bean bag is no longer kitsch. Even people who remember the 1960s, however hazily, have had to come to terms with the reality of the new bean bag.

The modern reincarnation, rather than remaining true to the original examples by keeping the now retro selection and varieties of 1960s fabrics, sticks to a rather limited but stylish and serviceable selection of styles, colours and fabrics from which to choose. Where the sixties versions made of fake leather split at any opportunity, modern versions use faux leather material which is heavily cotton based rather than PVC, lined with thin polymer coatings and stitched together with triple stitching that makes the whole thing practically bomb proof and comes with good guarantees. The real leather versions are as one might imagine, soft, luxuriant (as only real leather can be), reliable to sit on and like their faux equivalent also have durability guarantees.

Companies like us at Cozibag pride themselves on the quality and stylishness of their bean bag chairs. More colourways are now being introduced to broaden trends away from pure minimalism. Other fabrics such as canvas (reminiscent of the original coffee sack) are now also being used to help create eclecticism in modern, inexpensive, loft apartment living.

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