How to make a proposal special

If you know your potential bride-to-be very well, and hopefully you do, then taking just a minute to stop and think about what will really make her happy is the key to making your marriage proposal as personal and special as you want it to be.

If your partner is shy, then a proposal in front of her friends and family is likely to overwhelm her. More appropriate would be to create a romantic setting in your home or in a hotel on a romantic trip away for a memorable one-to-one proposal. On the other hand, if your partner loves being the centre of attention, then she may be thrilled with a public proposal perhaps at a family gathering or in front of close friends. Consider other aspects of her character.

Does she like to laugh and will a proposal established in a light hearted, humorous setting please her? Is she always trying to get you to be more romantic and maybe that is not your style. Perhaps an out of character, over the top display of romance and affection will take her completely by surprise and ensure you get a positive answer! Thinking about a place that has meaning for both of you is always guaranteed to make your proposal all that more poignant for her and show her that it means just as much to you too.

Nothing shows more thought to your bride-to-be than producing an engagement ring that you have chosen with her taste in mind. Here at Marlows Diamonds, we have a wide range of engagement rings from the popular diamond engagement rings to white gold engagement rings to ensure that there is something to match all personal styles and jewellery tastes and ensure that whatever way in which you chose to propose, the engagement ring will be the icing on the cake.

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