How To Watch NFL Games Cheaper With Zero Restrictions

It’s the ninth week of the NFL already, but it seems like all the action is reaching a climax already. What makes the games for this season even more interesting is that they are far from over.

After 8 games apiece, the Chiefs are doing the AFC proud with no less than seven wins in all so far. Their winning streak, however, is nowhere near as interesting as that managed by the duo of the Patriots and Texans, raking in five games at a go.

All of these numbers would be left in the dust once we cross over to the NFC. At this point, it seems like there is no stopping the Los Angeles Rams who have managed to win all of their last eight games.

Such a perfect record will not go unnoticed by rivals who would want to be the first to end the streak. On Sunday, the Saints from New Orleans will be on hand to test their luck against the Rams. Whether the latter team gets to leave with their pride, or add to the winning streak, is anyone’s guess right now.

Due to the reconstruction of the season 2018 viewer’s experience, there are now a variety of ways via which you can grab the NFL game and enjoy them totally. For those who have cut cable TV, they will still be treated to the premium content via either of the Yahoo Live or NFL app.

However, these won’t give you the best viewing experience.

Enjoying the 2018 NFL Games with an International Game Pass

Allowing interested fans and enthusiasts alike to stream the games via the provision of the new apps are laudable. They won’t, however, give you the experience you were hoping to get.

Many domestic viewers will also agree that the local NFL game pass comes with its own problems. Solving both issues lies in choosing an international game pass over the domestic offering.

If you are still conflicted on what mode of viewing to choose, here are some reasons why you should go for the NFL international game pass:


The NFL game pass for the domestic market is more expensive than the international offering, and quite significantly too. You can get the cheapest NFL international game pass for US$124 as opposed to the US$300 you would have to shell out for the domestic variant.

According to the NFL standards though, viewers can only buy a game pass in a country of their residence and use it there. You would thus need a strong VPN to purchase and use the international game pass you are getting. To do so:

  • Sign up to a preferred VPN service provider. Make sure you choose one that has server locations in the country you’d like to buy your NFL game pass in.
  • Connect to a server location in the choice country. Note that Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Pakistan are the locations where you can get the NFL international game pass for the cheapest prices.
  • Make your purchase like you were physically present in that country.
  • Connect to the same country’s servers whenever a game is on and enjoy!


Domestic content is subject to blackouts and restrictions. There is also the problem of verifying with a local cable TV provider to get access to some content.

Likewise, some games will not be made available to you live. All of these issues are taken care of by an international game pass which suffers from none of these restrictions.

HD Streaming

Once you choose a VPN provider with unlimited bandwidth and adequate speed optimizations, you get to enjoy the games as though they were live. You suddenly don’t have to worry about app glitches and crashing problems anymore.

Watch on a big screen

Guess what? You don’t have to limit yourself to your mobile devices/ computers anymore. You can easily share your computer screen with a bigger screen in the house and benefit from a more immersive experience. That even allows you enjoy the game better with family and friends.

Quite frankly, using an international game pass is where all the fun’s at. Grab one today and never miss a minute of the action.

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