How to wear designer clothes

A common misconception is that designer clothes can just be worn and you will instantly look great. Although there is no denying the beauty and quality of designer clothes, these amazing pieces deserve respect and should be worn and looked after carefully in order to achieve their maximum potential.

If you are lucky enough to be able to dress from head to toe in designer clothes, then the trick is that not all pieces are too eccentric. Select base colours for the majority of your outfit and choose one or two trademark designer patterns or items to polish the look. It is these key pieces that show whether you have style and can carry off your designer clothes.

If mixing high street clothes with designer clothes is your thing, then this is a great way to show off your designer look. Teaming simple and plain t-shirts with a pair of your favourite designer jeans really works well.Classic cut designer jeans can be a staple item in any wardrobe and will really set the standard for the rest of your look.

If it is just one item of designer clothes you are looking to wear then choose a bold statement item. Designer jackets, handbags and designer shoes are all great choices of designer clothes which just give that designer edge to your overall look. Often it is the material or the cut of the clothing that shows quite clearly that they are designer clothes rather than just a cheap imitation that hangs poorly from your frame.

Many designer clothes websites now sell extensive selections of designer jackets, shoes and handbags. Here at Tessuti Blue Retail we provide value for money in both men and women’s designer jackets and designer shoes that are guaranteed to complete your designer look. The handbags are there just for the ladies.

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