ID cards are a bit of a fashion accessory nowadays

Printers that print full colour plastic ID cards has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years as technology continues to advance at a tremendous pace.

Plastic card printing in colour is done by printing high quality photographs or other documents and the ID card printers of today are so advanced that it is possible to make the copies in the plastic cards just as good as the original photo.

At ID Management Systems, the state of the art ID card printers we can supply offers businesses the perfect opportunity to provide their employees and customers alike with quality looking cards produced to a professional standard, but for a fraction of the cost.

With the latest in modern technology, it is also popular for businesses to produce their company logo on the card in their true colours providing a free advertising opportunity.

With your company logo on the ID card, it will be more difficult for people to replicate it thereby helping your people to identify any unauthorised person on the premises at a glance and alert your security personnel.

A common complaint from customers is not being able to find help when they need it. If your people wear ID cards prominently on say, a lanyard hung around their neck, your customers will be able to identify one of your employees for assistance quickly and easily.
Coloured plastic ID cards often tend to be a bit of a fashion accessory nowadays, particularly for the younger generation. Your employees are more likely to feel good wearing them if they look modern and colourful so bear this in mind when considering designs and colour schemes.
It is important never to forget however that your ID cards must be clearly visible and readable from a short distance at least so ensure the colours do not affect this.

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