Instant help with an immediate STD test

Chlamydia can be a very uncomfortable and embarrassing virus to catch and if you suspect you may have contracted it you will no doubt be worrying about whether to see your local doctor or to seek the help of a private STD clinic.

The truth is that you can have a Chlamydia test with private clinics that specialise in sexually transmitted diseases and medical staff can provide your results in three days or less. Not only this, but it is also possible to find a specialist private clinic that you don’t even have to book an appointment for- you can simply walk straight in and get seen to.

A test for Chlamydia is normally straightforward and it will require you to produce a urine sample for testing. A swab test can be conducted as an alternative, but urine testing is most commonly performed these days.

Should you decide to have a full STD test, however, it means you will be checked for any sexually transmitted disease including Chlamydia which means you can be completely sure of a full, clean sexual bill of health.

Many people are already concerned over the possibility that they have contracted an STD which can make them anxious about having an STD test, but these tests are simple and fast. Positive clean results can ease your sleepless nights. If, of course you have contracted an STD, knowing you have it means that you will receive fast treatment and ultimately the help you need.

We provide private clinics at Sameday Doctor which are situated in key areas across the UK and are for the use of the general public who can walk straight in without an appointment to receive immediate help and attention. Our trained doctors can put you at ease, provide a fast STD test and answer any of your concerns often in minutes of you entering our private clinic.

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