Keep it fresh with intelligent vending solutions

In the health conscious society we live and work in, having fresh food available is a necessity. With increasing demand for this type of food, a great way to make additional profit from a business owner’s point of view is to install fresh food vending machines into your workplace.

With obesity approaching epidemic proportions in the United Kingdom, we are becoming more aware that we need to alter our sedentary lives and eat more nutritious food. Food is being labelled to help us be aware of its nutritional contents and there is less excuse than in the past for eating poorly. The mantra of five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day is commonly known.

The thought of having fresh food in vending machines may have been frowned upon a few years ago. However, now technology has improved dramatically and you can purchase refrigerated vending machines which keep your choice of food fresh.
Refrigerated vending machines are generally suited to packet products such as sandwiches and yoghurts, however can also be used for fruit and other fresh produce. As the business owner, you will have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of the products you sell and also only selling products within sell by dates and that are edible.

In terms of sourcing the products, usually these are done by the business owner themselves and not from the company who supplies the vending machines. However, suppliers such as Intelligent Vending Ltd will offer technical support and advice if you need a steer in the right direction.

Intelligent vending is the key to making this work. When deciding what products to stock it is a good idea to contact local catering companies who will often do you a deal if you buy all your produce from them. Consider the type of people who will be buying from the machine and assess their likely requirements.

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