Keeping safe when skating

All forms of skating provide many hours of good fun for all age groups as well as keeping your fitness levels high and your body toned. As well as these benefits it is a low cost sport and an economical way to socialise for all age groups. Many people will invest a decent amount of money buying a pair of well fitting skates, whether they are kid’s skates or inline skates, which is advisable but many will either forget to buy protective gear or think it is not a cool look to wear protective accessories when skating.

Skating of all types can cause injury especially if you are relatively new to the activity. If you take a tumble you will find that areas such as your knees and elbows will take the full force of the fall and can cause a very unpleasant injury. At the other end of the scale you could fall and cause serious injury to your head especially if you are travelling at high speeds and so a protective helmet should always be worn.

Inline skates can cause a huge amount of falls as they are meant to be used on a smooth surface but if you are skating on the public highway or in a park that isn’t well kept you could get small stones and grit in them which can cause you to fall. When a person falls they usually put their hands down to break their fall and offer some protection. However, if you land on your wrist awkwardly you can sprain or break it which is why wrist supports should be worn.

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