Key points to check when buying a BMX bike

Relative beginners to the sport of BMX biking, but also some experienced BMX riders, will usually opt for buying a complete BMX bike rather than customising a bike through the purchase of separate parts. It’s much easier and quicker than building your own bike, but what should the buyer consider when choosing a ready built BMX bike?

Firstly, it is essential to have some idea about what the BMX bike will be primarily used for. A BMX bike broadly fits into one of two categories: freestyle (performing tricks and stunts); and racing. Many beginners, who by definition are not experienced enough to concentrate on one particular BMX discipline, will often opt for an all-round style of BMX bike, known as a jump bike. A jump bike is usually strong enough to do most of the basic tricks but also able to pick up speed over distance so that it can be used for racing.

Secondly, it is important to make sure that the BMX bike is the correct size for the rider; taller riders will usually require a BMX bike with a larger frame. The weight of the rider is also important to take into account when buying a BMX bike, a ‘Pro XXL’ bike for example is more suitable for a heavier rider than a ‘Pro XL’ bike.

Thirdly, one of the reasons for buying a complete BMX bike instead of building your own from the parts can be the need by those who are less comfortable with the notion of customisation to avoid having to intervene mechanically. It is vital therefore that the BMX bike is bought through a reputable dealer to ensure that any maintenance required really is minimal.
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