Kitchen design tips

When planning a new kitchen design, there are many things which need to be considered. No matter whether you are completely redesigning your kitchen or if you are just updating it, there are many hard choices which need to be made in order to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family. A good kitchen design can add a great deal of value to your home too, whereas a badly designed kitchen could count against you when trying to sell your home and could significantly lower your home’s value.

The most important aspect of kitchen design is probably the layout. Having adequate room to manoeuvre when cooking is very important and is often overlooked by bad kitchen designers. A good kitchen design should always provide enough room for vital appliances, plus adequate workspace in which to cook.

In the average kitchen, much of the space is taken up with kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Therefore, it is important that they are attractive and fit in with the general style of the kitchen as a whole. Changing your cabinets need not be an expensive proposition either. At Excalibur Kitchens, we offer a great range of replacement kitchen doors which can be attached to the carcasses of your existing cabinets and these are a fraction of the price that new cabinets would be.

Another important factor which should be considered is child friendly fittings. If you have children, you will need to ensure that your kitchen is as child friendly as possible. Children love to help out in the kitchen, but it is not always safe for them to do so. One way of making sure your child can help you in the kitchen, and stay safe, is to install an island which is a great place for children to sit, away from the dangers of the stove.

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