Make room for your car and belongings

When you store your car in the garage and you also want to store your belonging in there you need to find a solution so you can accommodate both. If you need to kit out your garage then the ideal way to help to organise your clutter is to invest in some racking. There is racking that is available to suit your needs as it can be made in a size that will suit your situation.

When it comes to garage storage you need racking that is heavy duty as you need to have something that can take a reasonable weight. The items in your garage can vary in weight. Paint, tools or garden accessories may require a mixture of shelving and racking to store. There are a number of heavy duty units that are manufactured to take a range of heavy weights, which can be used with or without shelves for lighter items.

Racking works very well as it assists you to organise your things so that they are easy to find. It also helps to save on space because it helps you to stack things on each individual shelf, whereas you would not be able to quickly locate these items if they were just lying on the floor.

There is heavy duty racking that is available at BiGDUG and these units are boltless assembly, so that they may be put together in a matter of minutes with the utilisation of a rubber mallet. There are also accessories available so that you can construct the unit to suit your specific needs.

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