Make your Christmas cards more personal

When it comes to Christmas time, many of us spend hours writing out Christmas cards, addressing them and posting them. This is very time consuming and the cards can be a bit impersonal or nd uninspiring. Sending e cards instead of traditional ones is a great way of not only saving time but also injecting some added personality in to your cards at this special time of year.

Over the past few years, e cards have been selling as well as traditional cards and will probably soon be outselling them. The beauty of e cards is that you can customise them quickly and effectively so that you can send all your friends and relatives a card which is personal to them and has a picture and message that they mayl appreciate more than a generic shop bought one. Websites such as EcO2 allow you to design your own card complete with a personal message. You can design a card quickly and professionally; they are great value too.

Another benefit of sending e cards rather than traditional ones is that you pretty much know that your e cards will reach their intended destinations. Traditional cards can occcasionally get lost in the post and leave friends or family feeling snubbed by you when, in reality, it was no more than a blunder by the postal service.

We all have those times where we forget to mail a card to someone and don’t realise this until a card from them appears in the post. This is where e cards come into their own and you can quickly send out a card, avoiding embarrassment on your part.

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