Modern technology and hospital equipment

Quality hospital beds and hospital equipment is now modern in design and is available all over the country.Hospital equipment that is used every day such as treatment couches and bandage trolleys have all been updated thanks to the modern technology that is available today.

At Sidhil we are well known for our hospital beds being revolutionary when care is needed for patients that have to stay in hospital.

Beds that were designed years ago have now received an overhaul with patient comfort and easier nursing care at the forefront of our minds.

Today when there are serious health issues for both the young and elderly, hospitals are able to offer accommodation for anxious relatives.

We offer good quality products that are modern, comfortable and hardwearing. Our aim is to make sure that quality with comfort is apparent in all the hospitals and care homes in the UK.

When there is anxiety concerning a friend or close relative it helps to be sat in a hospital or care home waiting room in comfortable chairs until they hopefully receive the news they want to hear.

Modern designs require modern colours and our chairs are made of fine silver with a beech frame. We have chairs with arms or no arms that can be locked together if necessary.

Linking the chairs can be an advantage when used in a hospital clinic as they make more use of the space available and at the end of a working day they are easy to clean.

The chairs we have in stock can be placed in a hospital, care-home or any place where someone is waiting to receive treatment.

Beds now have some moveable parts that allow a patient to have a degree of comfort in their own home. Our new home beds can be designed to suit individual requirements of a patient and come with a twelve month guarantee.

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