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Many people when planning a city break or more relaxed and prolonged holidays, including last minute holidays, plan to hire a car during their stay.

Although there are merits to a relaxing poolside break, many may wish to make the most of the landscapes of their holiday destinations. Hiring a car can help any tourist better explore the city or country where they are staying and visiting.

Relying on local bus or train services can often be frustrating if there are delays or cancellations; it may also be the case that there are no scheduled stops at the chosen destinations.

Car hire can take passengers directly to the destination without any fuss or waiting around at stations or airports. The freedom to travel as directly or as indirectly to the location can contribute to a stress free holiday and can play a role in a sense of freedom and well being of a road trip.

It can also often be cheaper to hire a vehicle than paying for bus tickets or such, especially when a larger party is travelling.

When driving a car, stops for food or comfort breaks can be arranged without the difficulties of waiting for scheduled stops or using on-bus toilets.

Experiencing road travel in a foreign country can allow a visitor to see sights they would otherwise miss. The ability to drive down small roads or to take detours can often mean that usually unexplored parts of a country can be seen, often off the beaten track, the ‘real’ country can be experienced without crowds of visiting tourists and commerciality.

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