Natural cures can attack the dreaded cold sore

The tingling on the lips gives out a sign that no-one wants to feel and, before long, you are able to feel a small blister somewhere around your mouth or top lip. Cold sores form blisters or a cluster. They are caused by a virus called ‘Herpes Simplex’.

Once a person’s immune system is low, or knocked down with flue, sore throat headaches and tiredness, then the cold sore can appear. They appear as a blister but they have to go through the process of burning, bursting and drying out. Sometimes this can be quite frustrating as they will make an immediate return if they have not disappeared altogether.
The first signs of burning are a way of letting you know what is happening and you have time to attack it with natural medicine. Burning, itchiness or tingling on the edge of the lip area is the cold sore’s way of letting you know a cold sore is imminent. Be prepared to attack it with natural medicine.

Here at Natural Cures we are able to help with information on the range of herbal remedies and natural medicine which are available to bring back balance to your body and in effect bring about a natural cure.

Herpes Simplex infection, or cold sore as it is referred to, actually remains in a person’s body indefinitely. However, as mentioned previously cold sores can be treated with natural medicine. Using a natural cure for cold sores will keep them at bay when you do not have a cold.

Any family member who contracts a cold sore will need to adhere to hygiene rules, a procedure which involves having their own soap and towels.

Cold sores are contagious and can spread all over the body, including to the genital area, and it is best if you avoid oral sex for a while until the infection clears up.

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