New types of furniture for new ways of living

With apartment living on the rise and social mobility higher than it has ever been, choosing lightweight portable furniture for your living space would seem a sensible solution as part of your lifestyle choice when furnishing your home.

Moving house is a time consuming and expensive business and sitting room furniture is often bulky and heavy. Although leather bean bag chairs may not automatically seem like an alternative to the three piece suite, having a selection of these very portable pieces of furniture does have its attractions for the upwardly mobile individuals for whom a quick house move is an attractive prospect.

The bean bag chair, as well as being functional and portable, can also have a multitude of uses in the modern home. Whether it’s the support of the classic leather bean bag to relax in at the end of a tiring day, or the games consol beanbag on which to flop in front of the plasma TV, the comforting scrunch as your body moulds into one of these organic pieces of furniture makes it sensationally pleasing as well as functional.

These pieces of easy living can also be very smart too. No longer made from scratchy low quality manmade fibres, the leathers and faux leathers used are of the highest quality, create that wonderful sense of luxury you get with all types of leather furniture and enable you to feel secure knowing that the manufacture has created a strong and resilient chair on which to sit.

We at Cozibag are experts in the leather bean bag chair market and we have a comprehensive selection of beanbags to suit all people and all occasions. When continually moving house is a way of life for many busy people, owning bean bag chairs makes moving so much easier and certainly saves money on removals.

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