One of a girl’s best friends

Woman love jewellery, it’s a well known fact and more and more men are starting to like the gemmed look. Well, how better to show your loved ones how much you really do love them this Christmas and buy them some gold earrings?

Earrings are one piece of jewellery that can make a dramatic affect to your appearance and can change a look instantaneously.

Choosing the right pair of earrings can be tiresome, especially if there are so many lovely earrings to choose from. If you purchase her the right pair of gold earrings, then you will be in her good books for an extremely long time!

Gold earrings are the perfect fashion accessory and will go with almost any outfit you choose to wear. When choosing her gold earrings, think about things like her skin tone, her face shape, her hair colour and any other prominent or sharp features she may have, as these factors contribute to whether or not these lovely earrings will suit her.

If the lady that you are buying the gold earrings for has very sharp features, then go for angular shaped earrings, if she has an angular shaped face, then opt for hoops. If she has a round face, then long pendant earrings work best.

If you are having difficulty in choosing a stunning pair of gold earrings for your loved one, then give us a call here at Marlow’s Certified Diamonds.

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