Original and custom engagement rings

Have you been looking for the perfect engagement ring, but in all the stores you have seen almost the same in every one. If you are looking for a ring that is more unique or is one of a kind, then consider custom engagement rings.

Now if you do not have a clue what style or design or your loved one would like, then have a look at the jewellery they wear already, as this will give you an idea of the design and styles that they like. Also do not be afraid to ask work colleagues and friends and family for help.

Once you know what style you are going for, such as classic, antique or modern, you then need to consider your budget and stick to it, as it is easy to go over budget in the heat of the moment.Now you need to create that special custom engagement ring, an engagement ring that is unique in design and appearance. Maybe jot some ideas down of likes and dislikes and colours and cuts.

You then need to consider the actual band itself. The reason you are getting an engagement ring is because you are going to be getting married. Therefore, you need to consider the wedding band and what metal this will be made of, as it is always a good idea to get them so they match and are colour coordinated.

You need to start to process of making and designing your custom engagement ring as early as possible, as you will also have to allow time for the delivery of your engagement ting.Whatever style of engagement ring you are looking for, whether it is a bespoke engagement ring or other ethical jewellery, then here at Ingle and Rhode, we can offer you a large variety of designs and engagement rings to meet your needs and requirements.

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