How To Prepare For IVF Treatment?

Couples, who are struggling to produce children, can benefit from IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). The process involves retrieval of mature eggs from a woman, which is fertilized in a lab and implanted in her uterus. Some women may undergo several cycles of IVF to become pregnant.

You must be well prepared for undergoing the IVF treatment. First task is to arrange finances for cost of IVF treatment in India. You must also talk to your doctor about how to prepare for IVF.

Become Informed

The first step to prepare for IVF treatment is to become an informed about all aspects of the treatment. Clear all your doubts about the process and be prepared with all questions in your mind before consulting doctor. Some couples join infertility support groups and ask others about their experiences.

Consider Potential Issues

Many issues emerge during IVF treatment and it is better to be prepared for such eventualities, along with your partner. In case you plan to use surrogacy, donor sperms, donor eggs or embryos, you must discuss such issues with a counsellor.

  • For instance, you must determine the number ofembryos thatwill be implanted at a time. This is because implanting more embryos will result in multiple pregnancies. So, you must consider how you will handle such a situation.
  • Older women may require implanting of multiple embryos
  • You may have to decide what to do with extra embryos. Such embryosmay be frozen and kept in reserve for use in future. Most embryos won’t live through the process of thawing and freezing but some will.
  • Cryo-preservation will make future rounds of IVF not as much expensive. But rate of live births from embryos that are frozen may be lower than that of embryos which are new.
  • You can donate unused embryos to others or for research facilities

Health Screenings
You and your partner will have to undergo various health screening before undergoing IVF such as:

  • Testing of ovarian reserves:In order toevaluate quality and quantity of eggs, an examination will be done by your doctor about the concentration of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and Oestrogen(oestradiol) in your blood in the initial few days during your monthly menstrual cycle. Ultrasound of ovaries along with such test results will help doctor determine the response of your ovaries to fertility medication.
  • Screening for infectious diseases: your partner and you will be checked for infectious disease including HIV.
  • Semen analysis: If not performed as part of initial evaluation of your fertility, a semen analysis will be conducted by doctor soon before the beginning of the IVF cycle.
  • Mock transfer of embryos: Doctor may conduct a mock/test transfer of embryos to evaluate the depth of the uterine cavity. Thus, she will determine the most successful manner of implanting the embryo in the uterus.
  • Exam of uterine cavity: before beginning IVF, doctor will examine cavity of your uterus. This might be done through a sonohysterography(injection of fluid via the cervix to the uterus) which will create images of the uterine cavity. Another method is hysteroscopy in which alighted, thin, flexible telescope is inserted via the cervix to the uterus.

These are some ways you can prepare for IVF treatment. India is a popular destination for medical tourists for IVF treatment thanks to the low IVF treatment price in India. India has some of the most qualified and experienced IVF doctors in the world.

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