Protecting valuables

If you have a lot of breakable items in your home and have run out of the space to house them all, what better way than to purchase some shelves. These are excellent, especially if you have limited floor space. Shelves help as all they need is a wall to be attached to and they can be put up almost anywhere. Nowadays their design can mean that they may be assembled swiftly.

When you put your shelves up, they are relatively straightforward to hang as long as you make sure that you follow a few basic rules. When you install a shelf you need to make sure that the brackets are long enough to support the whole of the shelf depth as you do not want to damage either the wall or the shelf. Nor will you want to break any of the items that you have placed on the shelf!

Shelves can be hung as a single shelf, but you can run one in line with another so that they are all on one level or you can have them above and below the shelf in a line. It really depends on what your functional requirements are and how you would like to have your valuable items presented.

If you are planning to hang a shelf with a large weight on it you need to make sure that you use high quality wall bolts to ensure that the shelf is as secure as possible. Here at BiGDUG we have an impressive selection of shelves in a broad range of sizes to suit all your potential needs.

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