Purchasing a New Shed

Garden sheds are a great place to store tools and gardening equipment and are also ideal areas for carrying out DIY jobs and repairs. They are widely available and come in range of shapes and sizes which can be easily assembled. Before purchasing a new shed, there are some basic aspects which may need to be considered:

A shed needs to be large enough to work in and spacious enough to store different items. The height of the shed should allow enough room to comfortably stand up and to accommodate any extra storage shelves that may be needed. Remember, plenty of space is needed to get bulky items in and out of the doorway, so an extra-wide or double door may also be worth considering.

Sheds are typically made of timber or metal. Timber sheds are more natural looking but need regular treating to improve their durability in different weather conditions in order to avoid mould and deterioration. Metal sheds are much more durable and will last for years, requiring only minimal maintenance to protect them from rust.

Apex roofed sheds are sturdy and attractive with a triangular style sloping roof. Pent style sheds have a single sloped roof that is lower towards the back of the shed for rain to run-off and higher at the front to allow extra head height.

It is important for a shed to be positioned in a suitable location. If power tools are to be used frequently, then near to the house may be convenient. Erecting sheds near trees may put them at risk of damage from falling branches. Also, guttering can get blocked by leaves, resulting in overflowing rainwater damage to the wooden structure.

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