The use of spark plugs is indispensable for the engine of the vehicle that you have. If you don’t know much about the spark plug that is been used you might dent your pocket with frequent changes in the same. Most of the people go wrong here, despite knowing a great deal about the spark plugs.

Like any other commodity there are so many brands that are available when it comes to spark plugs as well. NGK spark plugs, Champion spark plugs, Denso spark plug, Bosch sparkplugs are some popular brands amongst the rest that are available. Picking the one which has the better advertisement or which boosts better performance is not the way to pick the right spark plug for the vehicle. Mostly the vehicle manufacturer would recommend the spark plug that should be used. But for reasons best know to you, if you want to explore other options, then you should be careful and should have complete understanding of the spark plug that you are choosing.

There are some vehicles that have spark plugs that are specific to the engine; in such a case deviating from what the manufacture has recommended would be a disaster.

You could read the spark plug by unscrewing it from the engine. This would give you the access to the different kinds of heads that the spark plug would have. Depending upon the same you could choose from the available NGK spark plugs, Champion spark plugs, Denso spark plug, Bosch sparkplugs and others. Though you can’t say that a Denso spark plug would be better than the other one, the above mentioned are the top notched brands and each would have a great quality. Depending upon the engine your vehicle that you has, you would need to make a prudent pick. And in case money is a constraint then you have to be vaster in your research to get to not only a high quality and low maintenance spark plug, but a plug that is cost effective at the same time.

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