‘Rich’ bingo entertainment

When it comes to bingo online, Foxy Bingo is an exciting and inviting site that provides the bingo player with plenty of choice.

From the moment a bingo player enters the site they will realise how ‘easy-to-use’ it is and will feel part of the bingo community very quickly because it is a site that is genuinely welcoming to new players.

Whilst many sites who offer bingo online mention that there is a ‘community’ feeling to their site, Foxy Bingo are definitely as good as their word. To prove this Foxy Bingo even offers a chance to team up with your bingo friend to play team bingo for a share of two thousand pounds every month.

Each time you play a bingo online at Foxy Bingo you automatically earn bingo loyalty points which can be exchanged for cash and their daily special offers means you have the chance to increase your loyalty points.

Some of the best bingo prizes are provided by Foxy Bingo and they offer jackpots and ‘coveralls’ all the way through the day from 7am to midnight with major jackpot prizes which offer the chance to win from £1000 to £1 million.

Average bingo ticket prices will range from 5p to £1 with bingo games consistently being played across the site.

Each day Foxy Bingo offer big price money in guaranteed bingo games and from 9pm every day the bingo prize pools jump to between £1000 and £25,000 with bingo tickets only costing 10p each. Every month on the last Friday there is one of the most popular bingo promotions in online bingo with the £25,000 guaranteed game which sees the winner scooping the prize money when they call full house no matter how many calls it comes to.

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