Sailing clothing suffers

Sailing clothing can take a lot of punishment during a sailing season. Sitting on the cockpit coaming and moving across at each tack puts a lot of friction on sailing trousers and as you move around the boat it is all too easy to catch a trouser hem or jacket cuff on a piece of equipment such as a winch or hatch fastening.

No matter how careful a sailor you are, these small incidents can always happen, as the smooth, slow manoeuvre you started turns into a hasty lurch, as a wind shift or unexpected wave hits. Then there are the unwelcome encounters with oily winches or engines that leave marks on your sailing clothing.

All this means that sailing clothing needs a good check before the start of the sailing season to see what cleaning or repairs you may need to do. Of course, everyone knows that it should have all been checked over before being put away at the end of the last season, but sadly, this doesn’t somehow always happen at that point. Looking forward to the new season makes it easier to do these small tasks.

However, should you find that some of your sailing clothing is really past it, then you can always come to us at Scotts of Langholm to get your replacements. We have Musto, Henri Lloyd and Gill sailing clothing and all the latest technical improvements for sailing clothing. You will find all that you need for the season ahead, whether it is sailing trousers or jackets, or mid-layer fleeces.

It doesn’t take long to do a check of your sailing clothing, and you will be pleased you did it, when you start the new season and know that you don’t need to worry about your sailing clothing as it is all checked, cleaned, repaired and new.

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