Searching for diamond rings may prove confusing due to the sheer number of different types on the market.

One of the most noticeable elements of these accessories is the type of gold they are created from. White gold is an enduringly popular alloy that is in demand by many brides-to-be who are searching for their ideal wedding band, although traditional yellow gold and other materials such as platinum are also desired by many.

Once the type of metal has been decided upon, many brides then like to consider the differently-shaped gems that are available. There are several different kinds ranging from the conventional to the more unusually shaped, for those who prefer less traditional accessories. For great sparkle and a time-honoured diamond ring design, many shoppers opt for a brilliant cut.

This gives a round-shaped stone that bounces light around its classic form and is a common favourite among those searching for engagement rings. Staying closer to convention are oval gems that offer similar sparkle to those created using brilliant cut and tend to suit shoppers looking for rings that appear slightly unusual. Likewise, pear shaped stones bring modernity to diamond rings and are favourites among brides due to the accessories’ stylish, sophisticated appearance.

Another more rounded cut is used to form marquise gems. Similar in shape to a flatter oval stone, rings bearing diamonds using this style are becoming more popular, and are a hit with women who have long fingers as the tapering design complements this kind of hand.

Brides preferring more angular stones to match their wedding gowns may like to browse diamond rings with princess and emerald-cut jewels. The former gives a square-shaped stone and is modern version of the traditional emerald-type gem, which is rectangular and tends to offer great transparency due to its symmetry.

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