Sell your house fast in the changing market

For a long time the property market has been stuck, and trying to sell a house quickly has seemed almost impossible. Prices were depressed, so even people who would really like to have tried to sell their home hung back from putting it on the market. Mortgages were hard to get and expensive, unless a large deposit was available. Sellers and buyers alike can get stuck in ‘chains’ where no-one can complete their house purchases because one or two of the links are delayed. It’s still a very frustrating time for all concerned.

However, it does seem that the situation is gradually improving. Some banks and building societies are starting to introduce better mortgage deals than they were offering six months ago, and are adopting a little more flexibility in their lending criteria than during the worst days of the credit crunch in 2008-9. The Bank of England interest rate seems set to remain low for a while longer, which is a great, if temporary, help to borrowers. Meanwhile, politicians of all parties are saying they want to help first-time buyers – who form the traditional driver of the property market. A little mild, bright weather could be all that is needed now to encourage more sellers and buyers back out into the market.

No-one is predicting – or wanting – another property boom. Those days are over (for a while, anyway.) Yet when house sales do start moving again vendors and buyers alike will need to be prepared to move quickly. After such a long spell of market inactivity, no-one will want to miss the house of their dreams because they are stuck in a chain, or cannot sell their house quickly enough, or raise a cash deposit.

That’s where we at Decision Homebuyers can help. We can make you a cash offer, and enable you to sell your house fast enough – in just a few days – to go for that new home.

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