Shelves for your child’s bedroom

In your child’s bedroom you always have some items that you do not want them to have access to unless supervised by an adult. Be it books, ornaments, a special toy or maybe some paints. Having shelves attached to the wall at a safe height that your child cannot reach means that your child will not be able to reach them, but is still able to see them.

The healthy and safety of a child is of the utmost importance. Poorly made shelving (or shelves which are badly put up) could put the well being of your child at risk. Despite the contemporary criticism of health and safety, taking precautions to ensure that your child is not injured simply makes sense.

Shelves work really well as they come in a range of sizes and even if your child has a small bedroom with limited space especially with all of their toys all over the floor. The shelves are attached to the wall so they do not take up any space on the floor allowing your child space to play with their toys.

The shelves are a little complicated to install, but if you follow the instructions and have all of the tools that you need, the shelves will be up and ready to use in no time at all. You can either have one single long shelf or you can strategically place a number of the shelves on the wall to create a pattern or design of your choice.

Here at BiGDUG we have a range of shelves on offer, so that you can find the exact shelving that you need for your child’s bedroom. The units come in a range of materials and with all of the fixings that you need to make sure that the units are attached to the wall safely.

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