Shelving for the toys

When it comes to your child’s bedroom or toy room they always have so many toys nowadays you need to try and store them all somewhere. You as the parent need to make sure that they are kept neat and tidy, whilst still remain easily accessible to your child so that they can play with them when they want to.

Shelving is a great way to make sure that you store all of the toys and with the various numbers of tiers available you can put the toys that you want your child to access on the lower shelves. On the higher shelves you can then place the toys that require adult supervision, including paint or glues as the only people that can access the tops shelves are adults making sure that you have given the child the permission to play with them.

Many toys children have these days come in small parts such as Lego. All children damage the boxes that the Lego comes in, so here at BiGDUG we have plastic storage boxes where the units come with lids – these are ideal to store all of the smaller toys so that all the parts are kept together. The plastic storage boxes come in a choice of colours and sizes so you can colour co-ordinate the boxes to the colour of your child’s room.

All of the shelving that we have is boltless and it is very easy to assemble with the assistance of a rubber mallet. When you are installing shelving you need to make sure that your units are safe and secure, the best way to do this is to attach the unit to the wall with fixings. This makes sure that the unit is safe as it will not be able to fall over or cause any accidents.

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