Should you get a Tempur pillow?

The history of Tempur pillows is rich and varied. It started off as a design that was exclusively meant for astronauts and has since become a staple in our bedrooms.

Back in the 1990s the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) developed an early version of visco-elastic material that relieved pressure and that remembered where its last position was. Their original intention was to provide support for astronauts in the event of an accident. They named this foam Tempur and it did wonders for the astronauts – it offered far better support than any other product on the market. The pillow also returns back to its original position and shape. This means that the foam doesn’t sag over time.

Besides these benefits there are still more benefits to Tempur pillows. The biggest reason is that they’re very different to ‘normal’ foam. Visco-elastic foam can offer resistance against pressure because the cells are packed together very tightly.

These mattresses and pillows are self-ventilating so you’ll never have difficulty when it’s hot at night. The pillows do become a bit firmer when the temperature drops but it’s best to keep the pillows at room temperature for best results.

The other main benefit is that the pillows can help to reduce – or stop – snoring. The reason why this is possible is because the pillow can support the neck much better than ordinary pillows can. The pillow’s slight curve shapes the neck and spine and this reduces the blockage in the airway that causes snoring. The blockage is one of the major reasons why so many people snore when they’re asleep.

It’s easy to stop snoring when you can reduce not just the floppiness in the throat but also correctly align the curve of your neck. People who use memory foam pillows such as the Tempur pillow generally have a better night’s sleep because their breathing is more regulated than before they started using these pillows. They perform better at work and at school and their spouses can now concentrate on getting a good night’s rest instead of listening to their snoring at night.

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