Sort Out The Issue Of Cheque Bounce

The cheque is the paper document which is used is almost every money-related chores such as through loan payment, salary payment, plenty of sorts of bills and fees related matter and so on. Any citizen whosoever writes a cheque always makes sure of the factors which lead to the cheque bouncing scenario. The holder is foremost affected person if the cheque gets bounced.

Concept Of Cheque Bounce:

Section 138 which is Negotiable Instruments Act best describes the concept of cheque bounce system. A bounced cheque can never be considered as a criminal offence but can be a leading source to a crime. Pune- the most rushed out city is ona day to day pace towards increasing development and huge sorts of banking related issues are taken into account under this city. With the fascination among youngsters about living in Pune; Pune is itself dealing with numerous cheque bounced issues. Cheque bounce attorney in Pune is the most after issuing in that city as whenever a cheque is bounced one would definitely require a banking lawyer to solve and look into the matter. He or she would be responsible for serving the legal notice to any of the parties opposed to it.

How To Get Your Cheque Bounce Issue Resolved?

There are numerous cases registered officially in a law system against the cheque bounce issues. First of all, a thirty days time span is granted for the notice to the party suffering it whenever a cheque is bounced. The notice has to be from the memo date written which would in accompany with the bounced cheque. All these official handles are to be received from the bank. Moreover, in Pune the case is often on the verge of happening; so the best lawyer for cheque bounce in Pune has to be consulted on the matter. In addition to it, the person who is the holder of the cheque has to frame a notice and will have to be given which would be claiming the money amount on which the process of cheque bouncing happened. Now, after that fifteen days of the time span will be granted to let the matter get settled. There is granted time span of fifteen days which has been provided to the opposite party which starts from the receipt of the notice in order to settle the bouncing cheque issue and it is officially unacceptable of any course of action is taken until time of fifteen days get expired or else if the holder gets paid within this specific time period. Furthermore, a criminal complaint could be fired if there is not settling of an opposite party takes place even after the completion of fifteen days. In such a case, the holder could file a complaint in the court for the time span of 30 days of the expiry of said 15 days. Also, if in any case the time of thirty days gets delayed then it’s up to the court if or not it could ignore it with reference to the valid and sufficient cause shown.

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