Special occasion jewellery

Wearing jewellery has a long history in all human societies. In the past, there have been all sorts of rules and restrictions in different cultures and times about who was allowed to wear what kind of jewellery, depending on where they were in society and whether they were men or women. In past times when people did not have as many possessions as nowadays and there were no high street banks, people kept their wealth and savings in the form of gold and silver jewellery.

For most people these days, jewellery is no longer an indication of wealth and social status, but is something to wear for pleasure and to look attractive. An evening out is all the more enjoyable for knowing that you have made a special effort to dress up for it and put on your diamond jewellery.

Here at ROX we have diamond jewellery that will suit you for any occasion. Diamonds are not only for engagement rings, they are beautiful stones that make any outfit look stunning. As diamonds catch the light and sparkle they add fire and excitement to your looks and it doesn’t matter what colour you are wearing, as diamonds will match with all colours. When you are wearing diamond jewellery you know that you are looking your best and that you are can look forward to your special occasion with confidence.

Whether you are going out for a special meal to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or are planning a cruise with smart dinner evenings for which you will wear formal evening clothes, the pleasure of wearing diamond jewellery is matched by the anticipation of planning how it will all look and how you will set off each piece of your outfit with the rest. Your meal will even taste better for the knowledge of how good you look.

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