Spring clean or Autumn clean

One of the strange things about the clocks changing in Spring and Autumn is what happens to our cleaning habits around this time. Years ago it was the traditional time to change your curtains over so that in Summer the lighter ones were up and over the colder months the thicker ones kept the heat inside. The whole idea of Spring cleaning is linked to increased light in the house making it easier to see the dust and dirt than during the darker months.

These days, due to developments in technology and our increased awareness of hygiene we are as likely to have our carpets cleaned as to wash the woodwork in our homes. Here at Clean Master UK we also find that there is a hike in the number of people contacting us for upholstery cleaning in London. Of course it is not just Spring when people look for carpet cleaners in London. Although deep cleaning the home is popular at any time of year there is always a scramble just before Christmas when getting the house immaculate is one of the priorities in preparing our homes for the Christmas invasion.

As the technology of carpet cleaning has changed and carpets, rugs and upholstery are now left virtually dry when the process has finished it is far more appealing than when carpet cleaners were first invented and it could take hours, if not days, before the carpets dried out.

This often caused shrinkage, especially with pure wool carpets, but with modern machines this has been virtually eliminated. Although there has been a trend to solid flooring recently many people look for rug cleaning in London as rugs can be just as expensive as carpets and need specialist cleaning too. You can extend the life of your carpets, rugs and upholstery with professional cleaning and know you house is truly deep clean.

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