Stars like Natalie Cassidy help to get rid of the skinny myth

Finally there are sensible celebrities out there who help to get rid of the myth that for women to wear stylish swimwear they have to be skinny. Although Natalie Cassidy has come along way since her portrayal of the plump Sonia from Eastenders, there is no way she could be described as skinny and quite happily poses for the media in a designer bikini.

The character of Sonia has always been very much the girl next door where Natalie developed the personality of Sonia rather than streamline her body in anyway, and she still managed to get and keep handsome heartthrob characters such as Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder) and Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou). Since leaving the Square after playing Sonia for 13 years, Natalie has lost over two stone and now happily poses in her designer bikini for holiday pictures published in the Sun.

Natalie has also recently taken part in Strictly Come Dancing alongside well known ultra fit tennis professional Martina Hingis who she managed to outlast in the competition, and has only just been voted out herself after getting quite far. Although Natalie worries about putting weight on now that the rehearsals for Strictly have stopped, she is reported as having said that she will continue to stay off alcohol and also continue to dance, both commendable and positive health solutions.

Celebrities like Natalie Cassidy present very real people for the media to focus upon and supply much more realistic role models for young women in particular to follow. There is no doubt she looked very good in her designer bikini, but like many people suffers from weight gain, something that swimwear companies should remain aware of. Here at Betther, we make a point of catering for all shapes and sizes of women from the slim and beautiful to the more commonly rounded shapes of young women like Natalie Cassidy.

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