Statement kitchens for family living

Anyone who sells kitchens knows that the clients will often be more interested in the kitchen doors than the appliances. Worktops are almost an afterthought but the most basic kitchen becomes stunning with the right work surfaces. When the general public thinks about solid worktops, as opposed to laminate worktops, they generally have granite in mind. While granite is beautiful and can look fabulous it is not the most practical material for a kitchen.

This is because it can suffer fractures if it gets hot, chips if a pan gets dropped on it and is also porous so it can stain.Corian is a man made substance composed of a combination of acrylic polymers and finely ground natural minerals. When it is hot it is thermoplastic which means that it can be moulded to any shape. Therefore you can curve the edges or mould it to any shape, thus you can have a Corian sink that exactly matches your worktop for a seamless look. Should you be so unfortunate as to chip the surface, Corian worktops can be filled and polished up for a flawless finish.

Of course the substantial reduction in porosity is a virtue in itself as it makes the surface far more hygienic in a working kitchen.Here at Unique Fabrications we have been fabricating Corian for a long time and our fitting teams provide a first class in-home templating and installation service. Whatever the style of kitchen, there will be a colour of Corian worktop to set it off to perfection and as the fabrication process involves fixing the surface to MDF board you can offer you clients an unlimited range of thicknesses and finished edges. So when you are designing the kitchen your imagination is the only restriction on how you can use this amazing product.

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