Storage for the TV

When you buy storage units you want to make sure that you have a storage unit that works for your needs and buying units that are ready off the shelf means you do not always get a unit that will work perfectly for your storage needs and you may end up having to compromise with perhaps one less shelf than you wanted or the incorrect height.

Most people want their TV and media storage in the corner of the room, and in many properties this causes a real problem.That nook or cranny you thought you was ideal for this purpose might not be the right size for the style of unit you wanted.

The problem with most retail units purchased off the shelf is you are stuck with the limited options presented. It is not unusual to find that the ideal unit you finally found comes without doors when you wanted them or vice versa.Limited space is a huge problem, particularly in modern homes nowadays.Fitting a television or DVD player on a special unit that will fit over the bed or a custom-built, bespoke unit sounds a very expensive option, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Shelving System we have filled a real gap in the market for reasonably priced bespoke units that can cater for any and all of your needs. You can either purchase a single unit at the height and width that suits you with as many shelves as you need or you can create a larger storage system with a number of bays so you can create a shelving system that fits along the length of the wall or in the alcove you wanted.Even better, you can create the exact unit you want online with the right measurements by using our planning tool online.

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