Streaming movies is the new DVD store

These days with online movies readily available to stream onto your computer at any time of the day or night, home entertainment would just about seem to be perfect. No more sifting through videos and DVDs at the local store to find that all the good ones are out on hire – now you can go to online movie sites, see what you fancy watching that evening and watch the movies online.

By streaming movies online, this means there are also options of how and where you can watch your online movie. By streaming movies from your online movie site onto your PC or laptop, you can connect your PC to your TV and watch movies on the big screen in your living room or family members can each watch their own choice of movie in their own room wherever they like. High Definition digital televisions now provide the avid movie buff with great sound and visuals, ideal for watching movies – reputable online movies sites have a comprehensive stock of HD quality movies which can take advantage of these technological improvements.

So whether it’s sci-fi, thriller, action, drama, horror, family movies, or foreign films, the choice and quality of film is there. At iREEL we also encourage our members to write blogs on the films they have seen. These thoughts can then be published on their website and shared out through Facebook, Twitter and other online community sites. Watching movies online then becomes a shared experience. This may create opportunities to starting movie clubs and discussion forums. So for four or five people watching the same film on a Thursday night in different parts of the country, this can be a shared experience in the comfort of their own living rooms as they watch movies online which they can discuss and critique.

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