Style or Strength on Stone Worktops

Granite countertops and worktops are becoming more and more popular as the old plastic worktops are out of style. Granite worktops, currently being the most popular are made out of pure granite stone, with slightly rounded edges. The colors are a blend of green, black, and silver minerals making it a shiny worktop. Granite is nearly always massive, hard and tough, and therefore it has gained widespread use as a fantastic worktop.There are many different types of worktops that are made from pure granite stone, including black granite worktops, which are very similar to pure granite, just from black granite stone. Black granite is also a very strong and heavy rock, and has no differences with pure granite stone other than having a pure black color, with silver sports here and there. The final option is the quartz stone. The quartz stone is chosen for style over strength. Quartz stone, being a crystal, is not nearly as massive and strong as granite and black granite stone is. Quartz worktops have highly rounded edges, and are shiny and sparkly from a distance. A very common worktop is a mix between black granite stone and quartz stone as the outcome produces a fairly strong worktop, with glittery areas here and there. The cons to have a pure quartz worktop are mainly because of the strength. If something is dropped on the worktop from even a foot above, it may cause substantial damage. As for a granite or black granite worktop, chips may occur, but the item that is dropped must be heavier and from a higher elevation. The cons to granite and black granite worktops are stains. This is one area of which the quartz stone worktop has an advantage. If a very strong concentration of citrus or another substance like citrus is left on the granite or black granite worktop for more than 12 hours, a permanent stain may occur.

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