Super Sets

Thinking differently in order to develop great muscles might just be the difference between growing faster and stronger and levelling off without any extra growth at all. Levelling off is a big problem with athletes, bodybuilders and fitness fanatics alike because it can put you off training.

One way to try something different is to try supersetting. What this means is that you do two or more exercises for a related or similar muscle group (for example, biceps and triceps, back and chest) without a break in between the exercises. It is for the more advanced bodybuilder really and those who are more at the serious end of exercise and fitness.

At we have many sports supplements products which can help you do focussed, healthy and rewarding routines which will develop your body shape. You don’t have to create a new routine to stop the levelling out of your program, just try a few different approaches and see if you get better results that way.

Supersetting’s goals are the following:

• Save time in the gym or during the workout.
• Help to develop and strengthen your cardiovascular fitness by keeping the blood flowing through your veins constantly
• Your oxygen intake is increased feeding the muscles with energy to aid development
• To enable you to burn off more fat. Burning fat gives you definition and a more ‘cut’ look to your body shape

Obviously with supersets you’ll have to think about increasing you dietary supplements. You might want to increase the amount of whey protein powder you use, or increase the protein intake through other powders which are also available. These will help maximise the chances of successful gym sessions. Energy bars and drinks are useful too as they decrease the chances of fatigue during a session.

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