Tackling acne head on

Suffering from acne is uncomfortable and embarrassing. At a time in life when puberty is hard enough to come to terms with for most young people, for no apparent reason faces and bodies erupt into hundreds of pussy sores.

For young sufferers these days, however, having acne is not the end of the world. There are many acne clinics available through the NHS and private health provision that will successfully tackle and clear the problem. Medications for acne have in the past had mixed results, but there is growing opinion that acne treatment centres like Acne Clinic UK are able to supply more holistic therapies that will ultimately provide better solutions to the problem.

Acne clinics tend to not only treat the problem but dispel some of the myths surrounding the complaint. Examples of these are that acne is contagious, that in young men it leads to baldness and that the scars get worse with age. Other misleading ideas such as blaming bad hygiene, condemning the eating of too much chocolate or holding the eating of oily food culpable are also dealt with at regular visits to the acne clinic.

As with any form of specialist treatment, a visit to a specialist acne clinic would therefore seem to be a positive response to a specific condition. Getting to know your dermatologist is always a good start and will help to alleviate stress (a potential exacerbating factor.) From then on session of treatments will allow for all avenues to be explored and appropriate solutions to be found.

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