Teak Garden Furniture Is In Fashion In Summer And Winter

In the 1970s you would find that most garden furniture would be the cheap plastic variety that would fit in a garden or back yard. The plastic garden sets would be so light that when the wind blew, away went the furniture into next door’s garden.

Today, quality teak garden furniture has mostly take over from the cheaper plastic garden furniture and happily sits outside on patios, porches or on a lawn, regardless of the weather. Wooden garden furniture is so much more elegant than plastic, and there are different designs to suit most people’s tastes.

In addition, garden furniture sets can be cost effective and they have a lifespan of many years. Money that is paid out for teak garden furniture is money well spent as it will retain its beauty and its durability when left out in the wet and cold weather.

The craftsmen of today are creative with their beautiful designs. You can choose garden furniture in your favourite design, and they can be bought in sets or separately.

Sometimes a person will find it more economical to start with a smaller teak garden furniture set and then add more pieces when they have more space. For example, a coffee table with matching chairs and other pieces can be added when required.

Garden furniture can be used indoors and outdoors, in conservatories, sun houses, at the side of a swimming pool or in a small office space. Conservatories in some homes can have a dual purpose. In the summer they are used for reading, sunbathing and general use while in the winter they can be used as a spare bedroom for visitors, or as a dining area.

We at Chic Teak have a range of teak garden furniture that will fit into any lifestyle for any purpose during the summer and winter months.

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